From Enemies to Friends

Amazing Animal Stories

From Enemies to Friends

Sayyid Adeel Zaakir Chishti

On a warm summer day, a mongoose named Mila was fast asleep beneath a giant oak tree.

“Mila! Mila!” The squeaky cries echoed through Mila’s ears. “Wake up Mila! Wake up!” Mila opened his eyes. “Why do you not let me sleep?” he bellowed.

“Well,” gasped Mia Mouse, trying to catch a breath, “You’ll never believe who I just saw. Naga the Snake! So I ran to tell you.” Mila eagerly stood up. “I see. Today he is in my part of the forest.”

“Show him who’s boss,” urged Mia. Buddy the Bird was carefully listening. “Mia Mouse is giving you terrible advice,” she explained to Mila. Fighting is an awful thing to do. Us animals need to live together as friends.”

“You are right,” said Mila, “but I hate Naga so much.”

“What are you thinking about Mila? Great opportunities like this do not come all the time. Do not listen to Buddy,” urged Mia Mouse. “If Naga escapes, you will be full of regret.”

“You are right,” said Mila, and both laughed as they sped away to find Naga.

Meanwhile, Naga was taking his children to an ice-cream shop in the area where Mila lived.

“I want a strawberry ice cream,” gasped one of the children. “And I want…I want the chocolate flavour,” said another.

“Today I will not leave you alive Naga!” screamed Mila. Naga turned around only to see Mila Mongoose racing towards him. Naga urged the children to hide behind a tree.

“We finally meet Naga. I have been waiting for you for some time. Last time, you threw dirt in my eyes and ran away. But now I won’t let you go. Nobody will save you from me.”

Naga was calm but worried. “Look Mila! I have not come here to fight you. I have children with me.”

“Hahaha! You do not want to fight?” cackled Mila. “I can’t let you escape. I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine today!” Mila Mongoose suddenly pounced on Naga. As they fought, Mila became stuck in a thorny bush. He tried to break free, but it only created more wounds, and he eventually lost his strength. Mila looked to Naga for help, but as he turned away, Mila cried out, “Save me Naga!”

“No. I will not save you,” Naga bellowed. Mila sought forgiveness and said, “Save me Naga! I have small children. What will happen to them if I die?” Buddy the bird, who was watching everything, said to Naga, “If someone is in a problem, you should help them, even if they are your enemy.” Naga’s heart told him she was correct. I have small children too. If Mila killed me, what would happen to my children? Even though Mila is my enemy, I will help him get out of this trouble; I will not let him die.

Naga rescued Mila. “Forgive me; I wanted to kill you, but you still saved me,” said a humbled and tearful Mila. Buddy the bird said, “I told you before, fighting is terrible. If you listened to me, you would not be hurt.” Mila hugged Naga and said, “You are now my friend. Take this, have some ice cream and get some for your children too.” After that, both of them left and returned to their homes happily.




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