The Helpful Elephant

Amazing Animal Stories

The Helpful Elephant

Maulana Abu Mu’awiyah Attari Madani

‘Why is my big friend looking so sad? Are you stressed about something?’ asked the Little Monkey, coming down from a tree.

‘Yes, my friend. I am upset. I don’t know what to do!’ replied Big Elephant, who was sat under a guava tree.

‘Tell me what’s wrong?’ asked Little Monkey, ‘I will find a solution. I am your friend after all. I cannot bear to see you this upset.’

‘I want to use my strength for a good cause,’ replied the Big Elephant, ‘I want to comfort others, reduce their worries, and solve their problems. But I’m not sure how to do this.’

Little Monkey was delighted to hear this. ‘Excellent, my friend, excellent!’ he cried, ‘your idea is great. Helping others is a good action. Unfortunately, I do not have the solution to your concerns, but Hakeem the Bird will help. Should we go to him?’

‘Sure, why not? Let’s go right away,’ remarked Big Elephant.

Both friends raced to Hakeem the Bird’s house as quickly as they could. He lived in a tree. As they all sat outside, Little Monkey explained, ‘My friend here is upset. Seeing him like this also makes me upset. We have come to you for help.’

Reassuring them, Hakeem the Bird said, ‘Don’t worry. I have the solution. As you know, there are all sorts of animals in the jungle: weak, strong, small, big, light, and heavy. Some are in search of food, while others are in search of water. Some of the animals need to climb up, and others need to get down. You can help all of them. All you need to do is make a home in the centre of the jungle and put up a sign stating:


Whoever needs help will come to you. This way, the needs of others will be met, and your wish will also come true.’

Big Elephant and Little Monkey were thrilled. They thanked Hakeem the Bird, took the sign, and headed for the centre of the jungle.

Dear children, being kind to others and helping the creation of Allah Almighty are outstanding deeds. We should also do these things. However, we should not forget servitude to the Creator while serving the creation. We should act upon the laws He has given and do what He wants.




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