The king’s spy

On the other side of the mountain, there was a lush green jungle which was home to many animals, birds, and insects.

Once, it rained heavily for many days, due to which, the water of the river and various lakes rose, resulting in the occurring of a flood in the nearby area very quickly. The water was flowing so fast that the animals could only watch on as their homes were destroyed. Many of the animals drowned in the water and lost their lives and a large number of them were stuck in the water, when, all of a sudden, the wild team arrived and saved the remaining animals from drowning.

A group comprising of five dangerous dogs that lived in the mountains was known as the wild team. They were all very good swimmers but they were selfish. They were always hunting others, however, today, they were helping others instead of hunting them.

Anyhow, the rain stopped, and within a few days, the water levels in the river and lakes returned to their previous level. Thus, jungle life resumed as normal again. The king of the jungle, the lion, was very pleased with the performance of the wild team. He prepared a banquet and invited the animals of the jungle.

Meanwhile, a member of the wild team, who was waiting for the banquet, said to the leader amongst their team: ‘O Leader! What do the naive and innocent animals know of our intentions? We did not save their lives, rather, we saved our food.’ ‘Be quiet! Do not speak of this again’, said their leader. ‘Have you not heard that the walls have ears also? If someone was to hear, then our entire plan will be ruined.’

On the day of the banquet, the king addressed the animals of the jungle, saying: ‘My beautiful animals! The splendours of this jungle! I am very happy that the brave and compassionate wild team is amongst us today. After witnessing their bravery, I have made them my guests for a week; they will live, eat and drink with me. After today, you all must also respect them.’ All of the animals thanked them and vouched to serve them.

This happy occasion was ongoing and after the time of difficulty, everyone was rejoicing at the days of happiness when the spy commander rabbit and his companions arrived. He quickly went to the king and informed him: ‘Your highness! Neither is this wild team compassionate nor do they have good intentions. After witnessing their actions in the past, I have been tailing them continuously. I heard them conversing amongst themselves this morning; they were saying that the only reason they had saved the animals was so that they could eat them later, i.e. they saved others for their own hunting purposes.’

The king’s face became red with anger and he began to roar at the wild team, saying: ‘We honoured you and made you our guests only because you saved our animals. But your secret is now exposed and it is best if you immediately leave my jungle and never return again. Otherwise, we will forget your good deed and sentence you to death!’

Dear children! To be selfish and to always think of one’s own benefit in every matter is a bad thing. If we want to help solve someone’s problem or show compassion to someone, in fact if we do any good action, we should do so for the pleasure of Allah Almighty, as only this will make us earn reward. Otherwise, there is no benefit of performing good deeds.




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